The Food 

Something to Eat sources its meal ingredients from a variety of local vendors in order to package healthy meals that delight the palette and nourish the body! We currently produce only a single meal though we hope to add more to the menu as we continue to grow!

Cheesy Rice and Vegatables

Our primary meal is our Cheesy Rice and Vegetables, consisting of rice, vegetables, soy, 20 essential vitamins and nutrients, and cheese. Because it contains staples like rice, it can be enjoyed in a variety of places all over the world as well as locally in the United States. It’s flexibility means that recipients can add or remove ingredients as necessary to create whatever meal best pleases them!


Come up with your own recipes!

Mix it up! While our Cheesy Rice and Vegetables can certainly be enjoyed on its own there’s no reason why you can’t spice things up either. Get creative! Here are just a suggestions for our meal:

  • Add a can of black beans, diced tomatoes, and an onion for a delicious bean and rice meal! ( Dont’ forget the hot sauce!)
  • Add broccoli and your favorite vegetables for a healthy rice pilaf
  • Throw in your favorite meat for additional protein. We recommend chopped ham or chicken!
  • Leftovers? Make breakfast burritos by adding scrambled eggs. Place in warm corn tortillas for an energy-charged breakfast!