Imagine inviting your closest friends and family to come share a meal with you. And imagine that this simple act of hospitality could potentially feed hundreds of people who are dealing with food insecurity every day…that’s a pretty impactful meal, right?

1 in 6 children go without a regular meal every day. Now because of the pandemic, that number is only growing larger. Schools have closed, jobs have been lost. We are living in an unprecedented time where families and children are in crisis and basic needs are not being met. Something To Eat™ works to bridge that gap for thousands struggling with hunger insecurity in our city and beyond.

So how can you help?

Host a virtual Something To Eat Together gathering! Share a meal online with people you love and in turn, help those in our communities rest easier knowing they have access to food when they need it. Please join us in this mission!

Here’s how it works:

  • Invite friends, family, coworkers, small groups, entire church congregation or business to share a meal together online and support Something to Eat.
    Make it a big or small gathering – the skies the limit!
  • In your confirmation email you’ll get a downloadable kit with all the materials you’ll need about ending hunger insecurity such as, placemats and fun conversation starters for adults and kiddos (full kit available once registered).
  • Send the link to your guests so everyone has the information ahead of time. And if some of your guests can’t make it, encourage them to host their own party or make a donation. Start a chain reaction so people outside of your circle and beyond spread the word and make a difference.
  • Set a fundraising goal beforehand. You can feed 1 person for $.30 and $30 provides 100 meals. Let us know your goal so we can share it!
  • Take pics of your party so you can post and tag on social media.
  • Get excited that you are doing something tangible for your community during the pandemic!

We are super encouraged by people like you, who have the imagination to help others in need.  You are part of the solution and we couldn’t do this without you!

Sign up now to get started on hosting your gathering!

Want to donate to Something To Eat without hosting a gathering? Thank you! Click on the Donate button! 

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