Our Mission

To Shape the Imagination of Youth for a World Made Right 

Something to Eat™ offers a hands-on learning experience through our packing events that inspires youth to participate in God’s mission to make the world right by relieving hunger and discovering the underlying causes. 


1.) Increasing food insecurity awareness and its underlying causes 

Through our packing events, people can learn about the issues facing their respective communities and what they can do to help solve the problem of food insecurity 


2.) Encouraging others to get involved in their community 

Something to Eat™ demonstrates that anyone and everyone can make a difference no matter how big or small, and we encourage others to take what they’ve learned back to their own communities to lead a positive change.   


3.) Providing healthy and nutritious meals for those in need.  

It’s not only fun to package our meals, it’s beneficial to the community and helps to provide for those in need. Most of our meals stay right here in our community, supplying local food banks and organizations.