How is it that in one of the richest countries in the history of the world that 1 in 5 kids go hungry? And…does God even care?

Answering these questions might be as important as actually packing the meals. Why?

The meals you’re going to be packing at your Something to Eat party are meeting an important need for families in your community. But we want to do something more. We want to go exploring with you and discover why so many people are falling into situations where they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

We’ve created a curriculum with 6 different sessions you can choose from to begin a journey to uncover answers to these important questions. Through these learning experiences, everyone at your Something to Eat party will participate in God’s mission to make the world right by relieving hunger and discover the underlying causes.

We’ll explore seeing Jesus in those society often overlooks

Hunger shows up in some of the places we least expect it.  In the US, oftentimes it hunger and obesity are closely connected.

This learning experience looks the way hunger intersects with poverty and the ways in which our cities are designed to separate the rich and the poor.

Hunger isn’t just in cities, it’s in the suburbs and rural areas.  We’ll explore how economic issues and policies add to this food insecurity.

It isn’t just enough to see and be aware of people who are hungry. Love is doing something to meet their needs.

In God’s Kingdom, everyone has a place at the table.