Enter the Cone Zone

What is the Cone Zone?

A cone zone party is a way to serve together with your friends, family, school groups and coworkers. Whether you are 3 years old or 90+ years old, there is something you can do. Each meal you package will help the 1 in 5 children that struggle with food insecurity.  Are you unsure of what being food insecure means?  Don’t worry we will have an educational time where you can learn about this and other facts about hunger and poverty!

Step One: The Funnel

First, the funnel captain, working in tandem with four others, will add a cheese pouch, soy, a vitamin packet, veggies, and rice to a meal bag.


Step Two: Runners

Once roughly five to six meals have been properly bagged, the funnel team then calls for runners whose job it is to transfer meals to the next station as quickly as possible.


Step Three: Weigh & Seal

Next, the newly bagged meals are then brought to the weigh and seal station where the proper bag weight of ~ 395 – 405 grams is verified. Afterwards the bag is sealed using our heat sealers.


Step Four: Boxing

The meals are then ready to be labeled and packed away for shipping at the boxing station using our counting mats. There are 36 bags per box of 216 meals.


Step Five : Have Fun!

Most importantly of all, have a good time, sing along with the music, bust a move, and bring your energy. It’s a party and we’re all helping to end food insecurity one meal at a time!


Join in on the fun.

Want to host your own party? Cone Zone Parties can either happen anywhere and at any time!  After choosing your location, you will need to know the number of people you want to attend and the number of meals you want to package. Each fully nutritious meal costs only 25 cents, and you will be packing 6 meals together in one bag so that’s $1.50/bag your group packages.

To get an estimate on what to plan for consider this: one person will be able to package between 100 and 125 meals per hour.  If your group is 3rd grade or younger you will need to plan on each person packing at least 60 meals/30 minutes you would like your group to package.  That number jumps to 100-120 meals/30 minutes for those 4th grade-103 years old! Please fill out the host a party form and/or feel free to contact us with any questions to start planning your feed the funnel party.